First-Rate Metal Fabrication Services in Amarillo

Trust our licensed and insured contractor for all your commercial metal work

Have a commercial project in need of steel or metal fabrication? Pinnacle Steel and Contracting of Amarillo can assist you. We offer a range of metal fabrication services that can be tailored to your needs. Need a fence installed? We can do that, too, in almost any material, including wire, steel and wood. Our metal contracting services also extend to decorative metal work you can place in your small business. Call today to get started!

Why invest in custom steel fabrication?

Working with a metal fabrication company like Pinnacle Steel and Contracting offers many benefits to commercial owners, including the following:

    • You can enjoy equipment that fits your exact specifications instead trying to fit generic equipment into your space.
    • Steel is extremely strong and will stand up to almost anything you throw at it. That also means it will have a long life and last you years.
    • Your custom fabrications are exclusive to you—that means competitors cannot copy your designs.
    • We offer quality assurance, so you can be confident your fabricated elements have structural integrity, meet all safety requirements and work in your space.

Call the Pinnacle Steel and Contracting office in Amarillo at (806) 570-5838 to begin your project.

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